If we keep ours eyes open we will see everyday things that inspire.

Swarms? Need bees removed? Need to find them?

Please leave a message at:
(916) 426-6445 if you need to contact BlueGreenHorzions about Bees.
We will respond right away.

You can reach us by Email at: bees@bluegreenhorizons.net
BlueGreenHorizons is a Bee Rescue in Northern California based in Roseville.

We help with Swarms and bee removals (CutOuts -TrapOuts) that other catchers can't go after, require specialized equipment or require long periods of time.

Once we rescue a colony we raise them until they are strong and then find a school, program or other forever home for each group.

Bees need our support and research.

We help homeowners, tree trimmers and construction firms work with and around bees'.


These little rescued critters at BGH don't really care about the long road ahead or the past - right now there is a future and places to go and isn’t that the most important thing . . . They Inspire us. . .